zagreb flag

Zagreb's flag

The City of Zagreb possesses a coat of arms, a flag and the Mayor's chain of honour.

1. Visit the Stone Gate

If you are wondering why Stone Gate in Zagreb relates to one of the most interesting stories from the past of Zagreb, then you have not yet been in this very significant location of the city.

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Visit Stone Gate in Incredible Croatia

stone gate

2. Explore the St. Marks Church

St. Mark’s Church is one of the oldest buildings in Zagreb. It is located on St. Mark’s Square and we can easily recognize it by its colourful roof. St. Mark’s church is protected by Croatia as cultural heritage.

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Visit St. Mark’s Chruch in Incredible Croatia

St. Mark’s Church

3. Visit Zagreb Eye 360° observation desk

From Zagreb Eye there is a spectacular view on Ban Jelacic Square, Mandusevac, Kaptol, Gradec, Gornji and Donji grad and the most important cultural and historical buildings of Zagreb, its squares, streets and parks.

During a shiny days, on the east there is a view on the Moslava Mountains, and to the west on the Zumberak Mountains and Slovenia. Tower has 182 meters of altitude.  Zagreb Eye is  on the 16th floor of the  skyscraper . It has a   terrace from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of all four parts of thecity, you can observe every day the rhythm of the city.

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Visit Zagreb Eye in Incredible Croatia

zagreb eye

4. Visit Zagreb Cathedral

The Zagreb Cathedral is the most monumental and the most impressive Gothic-style sacral building southeast of the Alps. Inside you can explore and find some of the most famous Croatian martyrs as Petar Zrinski or Fran Krsto Frankopan.

One of the most interesting things is the tomb of Alojzije Stepinac, one of the World’s most famous archbishops.

Apart from his tomb, you can visit the main altar, famous organs or participate in the Holy Mass.

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Visit Zagreb Cathedral in Incredible Croatia

zagreb cathedral

5. Visit Romantic Zrinjevac Park

Zrinjevac Park is just the name for Nikola Subic Zrinski Square. It is one of the most famous and most beautiful Zagreb squares. It is situated just south of the  main Ban Jelacic Square by 3 minutes walk.

Zrinjevac Park is a part of Zagreb Lenuci horseshoe that consists of 7 Zagreb’s squares.

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Visit Zrinjevac Park in Incredible Croatia

zrinjevac park
Photo by: Tanja

6. Visit Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Zagreb is one of the most beautiful green oasis in the city. It is the most famous destination in the hot summer months. You can enjoy and explore very exotic plants from all over the world. It opens its gates from March to the November. Botanical Garden has paths for people with special needs.

Botanical Garden is a part of Zagreb Lenuci horseshoe that consists of 7 Zagreb’s squares.

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Visit Botanical Garden in Incredible Croatia

botanical garden entrance

7. Visit Mimara Museum

Ante Topic Mimara was born on April 7th 1898 in the village of Korusica situated in the Dalmatian Zagora. The threat of the First World War led him, as an Austro-Hungarian soldier, to the European battlefields. After demobilization in 1918, Mimara began his cosmopolitan life in Rome. Mimara museum got the name according to this extraordinary collectionist.

In that period, he purchases the first art object – an exceptionally valuable alexandrian glass chalice showing a good shepherd. Object is created in the fondo d’oro technique. You can see it in Mimara’s collection that is one of the largest collection of art objects in the World.

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Visit Mimara Museum in Incredible Croatia

Mimara museum

8. Visit Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb contains several collections and works by many Croatian and world modern artists. The most important archive is the photography archive of Tose Dabac. Then you can enjoy  a collection from the studio of Ivan Kozaric, the collection of Vjenceslav Richter, Benko Horvat and the donation by Silvana Seissel. In the newly opened show, the most famous work of “Tobogan” by Carsten Höller.

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Visit Museum of Contemporary Art in Incredible Croatia

museum of contemporary art

9. Visit Technical Museum Nikola Tesla

The Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Zagreb was founded in 1954. It promote science and technology. It is the must see museum in Zagreb. From steam engines, internal combustion motors and a collection of machine models, various airplanes and locomotives, you can also enjoy old fire-fighting department, agriculture exhibits, astronautics department and much more.

Very special thing to see is 350m model of the mine under the ground. 

Finally, the star of the museum is demonstration cabinet of Nikola Tesla as part of Croatian Science and Technology section.

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Visit Technical Museum Nikola Tesla in Incredible Croatia

technical museum zagreb

10. Visit Museum of Broken Relationships

The main  idea of a Museum of Broken Relationships is that  love couples that broke their relationships donate objects, memories, and reminders to the museum instead of throwing them into the garbage.

The museum has organized exhibitions all over the world, from Cape Town in South Africa to Boise in Idaho, gathering a whole host of memorabilia. Collection is growing continuously.

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Visit Museum of Broken Relationships in Incredible Croatia

museum of broken relationship

11. Visit Park Bundek Zagreb

The Park Bundek Zagreb consists of two lakes. Larger lake serves as a swimming resort, and smaller is  reserved for birds and fish (ornithological reserve). The surface of the western part of the lake is 28.000 m2 and the eastern part of 35.000 m2.

Bundek Park Zagreb, after its renovation in 2006, has become one of Zagreb’s favourite parks and famous promenade. It is a perfect place to spend a sunny day with friends and family.

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Visit Park Bundek Zagreb in Incredible Croatia

park bundek zagreb

12. Visit Maksimir Park

You can plan to spend a perfect day in Maksimir Park having various outdoor activities or a perfect picnic with family or friends. Park is very large with 5 lakes, countless walkways and several large meadows that you will find so comfortable to escape the  city rush. Enjoy the  jogging, sit on the bench and read the book, explore the parks rich history or simply relax walking through the old oak forest.

Very close to the Maksimir Park you will find Zagreb ZOO. Adjacent to the park you may also find the Stadium of Football Club Dinamo.

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Visit Maksimir Park Zagreb in Incredible Croatia

maksimir park zagreb

13. Visit Zagreb Zoo

There are not so many people who live in Zagreb  and that never go to Maksimir Park and Zagreb ZOO that is located just few meters nearby. In the Maksimir Forest, on June 27th, 1925, the Zagreb ZOO was opened, although the idea of opening existed even 40 years before the opening.

Mijo Filipovic opened it. Three foxes and three owls were the only first animals to live in Zagreb ZOO. It was the first ZOO in  Southeast Europe, and today is the largest ZOO garden in Croatia.

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Visit Zagreb ZOO in Incredible Croatia

zagreb zoo

14. Mirogoj Cemetery

Mirogoj Cemetery is not just a cemetery. Its pavilions and tombs are monuments to very beautiful architecture. Walk through the cemetery’s lanes and you may see a masterworks of  various artists. For this reason, you can consider it as  an open art gallery. 

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Visit Mirogoj Cemetery in Incredible Croatia

mirogoj cemetery

15. Visit King Tomislav Square

When you find yourself at  King Tomislav Square, there are three significant facilities  that should be definitely visited. These are the Art Pavilion, the Main  Train Station and the Feller House.

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Visit King Tomislav Square in Incredible Croatia

trg kralja tomislava zagreb

16. Visit Dolac Market

The famous Dolac Market in the heart of Zagreb is an attraction that you need to see when you are there. You can buy fresh food, meet a lots of interesting people and have a drink with a spectacular view.

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Visit Dolac Market in Incredible Croatia

dolac market

17. Visit Strossmayer Promenade

18. Visit Britanac Square and Antiques Market

19. Visit Zagreb during Advent

20. Spend some time with Witches