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The family farm Zdolc deals with the production of grapes and wine, and the tradition of over one hundred years  is transferred from generation to generation. The Winery Zdolc   is located in Klenice that is part of Croatian Zagorje.

Wines produced with Love

In the life cycle of wine itself, human hands are irreplaceable factor. That means to live together along the vine throughout the year, nurturing it from early spring to late fall, wigging, scratching and feeding. Grape growing and grape processing is based on the ecological principles of production, the family farm has been enrolled in an ecological register. When breeding, they do not use mineral fertilizers, spraying vineyards do not use insecticides and other pesticides not allowed in organic production. Vine on the end returns with noble fruit, as a base for a noble wine drop.

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Wine and Poetry

Croatian poet Janko Leskovar from Pregrada was in this time finding his inspiration in Zdolc vineyards. At the end of the writing, he dedicated himself entirely to the production of wine. His love you can find in some of his verses

“Come over here, open the door of the cliff, at the threshold, from where you can take a look at the hundreds of Zagorje hills, sit on the squatters, remove the cheese and the bread, and pour into the glasses fresh, sparkling wine”

zdolc wines Croatian Zagorje

About our wines

In the portfolio of wines of Winery Zdolc you can find very interesting offer. Some of the wines are described below. 

zdolc wines

Winery Zdolc - wine selection

zdolc sauvignon blanc
Sauvignon Blanc

The wine is of sliced yellow colour  with greenish tones, intense and delicate scent. The smell is dominated by floral notes with end of a small meadow flower.  This wine is semi-sweet, moderate and with balanced acids that give freshness and dynamism. The smaller remainder of the unmistakable jar rounds off the unique experience of a scalding wine characterized by typical floral aromas and fullness in the flavor that lasts. Serve at 11-13 degrees with sea fish, shellfish, seafood.


High quality dry wine late in harvest, yellowish-green color, dominant fresh fruity scent. Moderate acids, the natural remnant of CO2, notes of fresh apples, are superbly complemented and give the harmony and freshness. Serve chilled to 10 degrees with fish dishes, seafood, veal.

zdolc grasevina predicate
Grasevina predicate wine

A fresh, lightly predicated late grape harvest. The notes of fresh ripe  apples, pear are dominated. Appropriate with moderately sweet desserts, chilled to 8 degrees.

zdolc pinot grey
Pinot Grey

Half-shined wine with golden color and shades of pink. It is produced by maceration of berries. It is a  wine rich in polyphenols, which give a beneficial effect on health such as red wines. Gentle floral and fruity aromas, fresh acids and discrete minerality are aligned with the barely visible remnants of unprecedented sugars and more discreet notes of noble mold botrytis. Dominated by the aromas of peaches, spices and apricots. Serve chilled to 10-12 degrees, with rice, seafood, fish.

Portugueze Wine

Portugizac is a wine of the same grape variety, specific to the fact that comes to the market in early autumn. Wine of ruby, almost purple, long, light, fresh, low  in alcohol.  Dominated by domestic fruit notes of cherries. 

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