Plitvice Lakes - 1 Day


Plitvice Lakes consist of 16 azure pools connected with the rocky outcrops. With its waterfalls, hidden in spectacular forest greenery, it certainly belongs to the most beautiful places in Europe. The tallest waterfall is called ‘Veliki Slap’ or ‘Big Waterfall’ and it is 70 m tall. The lakes Prošćansko and Kozjak are the largest and highest, respectively, while the park’s virgin forest ‘Corkova Uvala’ is home to 157 different bird species. The park also features a myriad of trails and paths for enjoying quality hiking and biking.

Place of exceptional beauty but also strategic importance

From the medieval times it was a place of strategic importance, especially in the war period where it served for the places where people could hide from enemy, it was declared as National Park in 1949. Beautiful forests, exceptional natural beauty of lakes and waterfalls, esspecially rich flora and fauna, fresh mountain air, contrasts of autumn colors, forest paths and wooden bridges, and much more are part of the unmistakable universe. All mentioned was the reason for  UNESCO to  declare it as a world heritage site in 1979.

Cost of the trip includes:

  • - transport from Zagreb to Plitvice Lakes and back to Zagreb
  • - entrance ticket
  • - tour guide

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Plitvice Lakes
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