We all know that the best journeys aren’t merely in seeing new places, but in discovering new ways of seeing both the world and ourselves. Travel opens up the opportunity to live in the moment and to surrender to the unknown. Returning home we are inspired to share these insights and this “Presence” with family and friends. This is the greatest souvenir you could bring them.
Our mission at Spirit Tours is to bring more Consciousness into the world thru Travel. Traveling opens up our hearts and minds to new lands and people. We see our selves in one another and celebrate the gift of our shared humanity and divine Oneness.

We wish to feed your souls. That is why we are called Spirit Tours Journeys of the Soul! “When you travel anew Silence goes with you and if you listen you will hear what your heart loves to say- May you travel in an awakened way ” John O’Donohue

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