Technical Museum Nikola Tesla and history

The Technical Museum Nikola Tesla was founded in 1954. It promotes the science and technology. Since 1958 it is located in the former Zagreb Fair wooden buildings close to the city centre.

Throughout the years Technical Museum Nikola Tesla collected more than 10.000 museum pieces that are typical for the 19th and 20th century industrial era. 

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Airplane and other engines

In the museums you can see 14 piston type engines with internal combustion and one jet engine that shows the development of aircraft engines from the First World War to the middle of the 20th century.

The motors are exposed in a partial section to see the details of the construction.

Along with the aircraft engines, you can also see the two-stroke british marine diesel engine built in 1961 . This is a cult type of engine developed for the needs of the British navy. Exhibited copy is a unused engine obtained for the needs of Podgorka yacht for President Tito.

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Energy Transformation Section

In this section of Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, you can chronologically monitor the applications of using muscular energy, water and wind energy, steam plants, internal combustion engines, electrical power, nuclear power and renewable sources.

Particularly interesting is the Department of Radioactive Waste, which in an interactive and accessible way explains the terms of radioactivity and dose of radiation, types, properties and quantities of radioactive waste. The purpose of the setup is to acquaint the public with the topic related to the disposal of such a waste.

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Fire-fighting Department

The fire-fighting  department presents the historical development of a firefighting techniques with a large number of exhibits such as various vehicles, appliances and devices.

The burning itself  as a chemical process and the possibilities of its interruption are explained. Particular attention is paid to fire and fire extinguishers in various conditions.

An interesting story is related to a steam fire gun from 1889. Mr. Julio Zigeunner, a waiter in Zagreb, won the lottery and gave the entire amount to a firefighter company to purchase  a modern firefighter system. It has been in use since 1890.

Astronautics Department and Planetarium

In the astronautics department you can see various models of spacecrafts, rockets and orbital stations. In the cupola of the planetarium it is possible to place  about 80 visitors and with the lecture you can enjoy the presentation of  stars in the sky.

The planetarium was open to the public in 1965. The planetarium driving mechanism is based on a specially designed Zeiss projector, with possibility to project about 5000 stars showing their motion or apparent movement of the Moon, the Sun and other various comets. Simulation of the stars in the  sky is presented with the story of the planetarium director and beautiful music. Within a few minutes, a special device can achieve changes that last tens of thousands of years in reallity.

Mining, Geology and Oil

In the section, visitors can get acquainted with minerals, rocks, type of various mines and ways of exploitation. You can also learn more about the oil and gas and ways of extracting and processing them.

Oil is actually an energy raw material that has become interesting to the car industry and later to other industries.

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Coal and Metals Mine Model

The model of coal and metals mine is located in the underground premises of the Technical Museum Nikola Teska. The mining pit is more than 300 meters long with a maximum depth of 6 meters.

It offers to visitors a remarkable experience of real mine. The mine provides an overview of the exploitation of coal, iron ore, bauxite and lead, zinc and silver ore.

This museum mining is a  rare complete representation of mining themes in the World  built in accordance with the mid-20th century technology. In 1963, it received the first visitors.

Demonstration Cabinet of Nikola Tesla

Experiments and Tesla's Life

In the Demonstration Cabinet of Nikola Tesla, visitors are accompanied by dozens of experiments on the invention of an alternating current electric field generator or a magnetic field, Tesla’s high frequency currents and wireless transmission of electromagnetic titers, a ship with remote control, Tesla turbine model and others. Visitors are also acquainted with Tesla’s life and acknowledgments given to him.

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Anniversary of the Genius

The value of the Nikola Tesla work was recognized at the opening ceremony of the Technical Museum in Zagreb on January 14th, 1963. That was 20th anniversary of the death of the genius and great scientists. It was already part of the Museum at the Transformation Department that was dedicated to Tesla’s transformer experiments.

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The permanent exhibition of Nikola Tesla’s Demonstration Cabinet of the inventions was opened in 1976 as marking of the 120th anniversary of Tesla’s birth. His museological concept was specific because experiments were carried out with the reconstructions of the most famous Tesla’s inventions made according to original Tesla’s designs and patent applications. In most cases methods and materials from the time he lived are used. The exhibits were made in the workshops of the Museum, and the calculations for their work were also carried out by Franjo Kičinbači from Ruđer Bošković School Center and Miroslav Mirković, Curator of the Technical Museum

Explore more by yourself!

In the Museum you can spend couple of hours.

We recommend scheduling your visit to be on time for the Mine tour, Nikola Tesla Cabinet and a visit to the Planetarium. The Mine and the Planetarium are open only during guided tours.

Although, the Planetarium is in Croatian only you will enjoy views of a star sky from the North Pole to the equator. It is not recommended for children under 7 years old.

Technical Museum Nikola Tesla opening times

Tuesday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00

Saturday – Sunday 9:00 – 13:00

Closed on Monday.

Special exhibits opening hours

Tuesday – Friday:

  • Mine at 3:30 PM
  • Nikola Tesla Demonstration Cabinet at 3 PM
  • Planetarium (Croatian only) at 4 PM

Saturday – Sunday:

  • Mine at 11:30 AM
  • Nikola Tesla Demonstration Cabinet at 11 AM
  • Planetarium (Croatian only) at Noon

Free Museum Tram Ride on Sunday at 9:30 AM.

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