Once the main entrance to the city and today the sanctuary

Once Stone Gate were leading the path to the upper part of town called Gradec . Stone Gate was both  a part of city fortification and the main road.  According to historical data, they were built in the 13th century, and the present appearance was created  in 1760. They are special because, from the four old city gates, Stone Gate is the  only one preserved. It was so important gate to the city  that during the plague in 1647, all doors were closed except Stone Gate. It is considered to be one of the best preserved monuments of old Zagreb.

One story is permanently recorded in Zagreb’s history. Why? Because of an unbelievable event that has left an indelible stamp on the Stone Gate. In 1731 they were caught by a great fire that swallowed it all. The only that left undamaged, was the image of the Mother of God with Jesus found in the ashes.

stone gate

The miraculously preserved Virgin

From this incredible event, the people of Zagreb have very special relation to that  picture and Stone Gate itself, which they placed above the altar in the passage. The sacral space is protected by a  grid and is considered the most beautiful example of baroque blacksmith art in this area. In the presence of Mother of God, people often stop and give gifts, some pray, lit candles, seek for help, health, happiness and  love. People  thanks to the Virgin by leaving the messages, praying crowns or other sacred items.

This small open chapel is also filled with hundreds of marble panels, featuring testimonies and stories of miraculous healings and prayers. From this reason thanks to the Mother of God of Stone Gate was proclaimed the patron saint of the Croatian capital. Its feast is celebrated on 31th May, when it is also the Day of the city, and the chapel stands out as the largest sanctuary in Zagreb. It is the gathering place of many believers and the witness of the old town spirit.

stone gate

What about famous writer's beauty?

If we go back to the beginning of the story, it is unclear what is the link to “Goldsmith’s Gold” book and the main character, Dora. You can see her sculpture in the niche on the right side of the Stone Gate entrance. The work of sculptor Ivo Kerdić represents the central figure of a historical and love novel about the famous Zagreb goldsmith Petar Krupic and his daughter who lived in Kamenita Street. The story is linked to Zagreb in the 16th century, the customs and habits of that time, the intolerance of nobility and citizenship, the struggle for city of Medvedgrad, and the unhappy love story of Dora’s citizens and the noblemen of Paul.
The beautiful Dora, an incarnation of tenderness and kindness, was a favorite among the people, and according to the tradition, she was the guardian of the keys of the city. One lock with a key from the second half of the 18th century is kept in the Zagreb City Museum.
stone gate

Find out more by yourself!

But we will not let you know too much about Stone Gate and Dora’s story. Let’s just let you know, and we’ll just mention the oldest Zagreb pharmacy nearby, then very special chains that according to legend, come from the ship of legendary English admiral Nelson. There is much more to see and discover…

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