Description of St. Mark's Church

St. Mark’s Church was built as a three-storey court building. It originates from the 14th century, as the parish church of the part of the town called Gradec. The parish is first time mentioned in 1261. It has a nice portal. Long time ago it was a column of shame, where city court sentenced the people and executed them. It is recognizable by the colorful bell tower  with the coat of arms of the city of Zagreb and the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia. St. Mark’s Church has a baroque arch and a harmonious southern facade on which we can see the  richest gothic portal in Croatia.

St. Mark’s Church

Earthquakes and Renovation

Throughout the history, the Zagreb was hit several times by severe earthquakes. The strongest earthquake in the city’s history was on 9th November, 1880, where the church was, like all buildings, severely damaged.

Several times before 1875, it was considered that the church should be demolished due to bad rehabilitation and decay. However, the renovation of the church was granted to the architect Friedrich von Schmidt in 1876, who drafted and worked on the reconstruction  when his student and associate Herman Bolle continued his reconstruction. The renovation of the church lasted until 1882. During this reconstruction, the most famous roof with emblems was placed – on the left side the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia, and on the right the coat of arms of the city of Zagreb. The conceptual creator of the coat of arms is not known. 

St. Mark’s Church

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On the square outside of St. Mark’s Chruch, you can see  Croatian Parliament that has been the hub of political activity since the 1500s.
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St. Mark’s Church