Park Bundek Zagreb and History

Park Bundek Zagreb was the first and most popular Zagreb beach. It was built in 1955 by excavation and gravel removal for the purpose of construction of the Zagreb Fair. 

As the Park Bundek Zagreb is located on the aquifer, the excavated hole filled with the water, so after the excavation the pebbler became a place for swimming. Gradually, Park Bundek was  built in the seventies of the last century and became a popular recreational and gathering place.

There are the rumors that Park Bundek was named after Josip Bundek, the citizen of the part of town called Zaprudje. It seems that he was the first drowning person on the lake.

park bundek in Zagreb

Park Bundek Zagreb Today

After the renovation and revitalization of 2006, Park Bundek Zagreb is the favorite promenade and swimming resort of Zagreb’s residents.

Bundek Park  is located alongside Sava River in New Zagreb. It stretches from the Liberty Bridge to the Youth Bridge. The Bundek consists of two lakes. Larger lake, located on the eastern side serves as a beach resort. Smaller lake is reserved for birds and fish as ornithological reserve. The surface of the western part of the lake is 28.000  m2 and the eastern lake of 35.000 m2.

Facilities and What You Can Do

The Park Bundek  is very famous place in Zagreb. It is specially crowded during summer as it hosts numerous entertainment and recreational events. There are also numerous cultural events. 

You can plan and count on many  outdoor activities as organizing barbecue, having picnic, sunbath, swimming or fishing.

Facilities that are part of the Bundek Park include:

  • cycling and rollerblading track
  • walking and fast-walking track
  • several playgrounds for children (for children with disabilities also)
  • playground for volleyball
  • playground for handball
  • stage on the water (organization of cultural events)
  • restaurants and bars
  • numerous barbeques with tables (you have to come early in the morning to reserve the place)

Explore more by yourself!

Try to explore more with your children or friends. There is important to mention that you can enjoy several interesting events as

  • Floraart – International Garden and Flower Fair – usually from May to June
  • Fireworks festivals during the summer
  • Rujanfest or ‘SeptemberFest’

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