Mimara Museum and origin

The Mimara Museum building is a work of two German architects from the Ludwig & Hülssner bureau, specialized in the design of school buildings. It is an example of neo-renaissance palace. It is surrounded by the inner yard where you can see the exercise room. It is one of the most monumental public buildings of Zagreb historicism.

Mimara Museum should have been the school building equipped with all the high standards in teaching, planned for a total of more than 1.500 students. However, that project was never realized.

The building of the Mimara Museum was founded in 1980. It was opened to the public on 17th July 1987.

Mimara building

Who was Mimara?

Ante Topic Mimara, a collector and art historian was not an ordinary man. In 1973 he donated his adopted children (more than 3750), as he called his pieces from the collection, to all Croatian people.

During his mysterious journeys and the acquisition of artworks that make up a collection worth about hundreds of millions of dollars, he visited the whole world. They called him a man with links. He spent also some time in jail. Most probably  he was arrested in 1943 because he did not want to reveal the location of his then highly valuable collection, which Hitler himself allegedly wanted.

Mimara Zagreb

Mimara and his donation

Mimara donated collection is divided into 13 thematic collections, featuring art pieces of all kinds as painting, sculptures, art and crafts, that originates from Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asian countries as China and Japan.

Mimara donation

Exhibition space today

A museum has 3300 m2 of exhibition space, with 12 large and 26 smaller exhibition rooms, obtained by smaller exterior wall-building walls. 950 m2 is designed for warehouses and workshops.  1750 m2 is  filled with various public content and 1000 m2 is reserved for a variety rooms for administration.

Explore more by yourself!

Mimara museum follows the spirit of modern times, technology and its development, so with the application of ATM Reality you can investiage the past of the Mimara Museum building. Using the application, you can see old photographs of the Royal Real High School album, dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries.

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