Croatia hot air balloon rally 2019

Hot air balloon

Incredible Croatia, May 2019

Have you ever heard about hot air balloon technology? Hot air balloon technology is the first successful technology that enabled humans to fly and it seems that first flight was performed in 1783, in Paris in a balloon created by the Montgolfier brothers.

Hot air balloons that can be propelled through the air rather than simply flying with the power of the wind are called thermal airships.

Hot air balloon
Hot Air Balloon in Croatia

From 1st to 5th of May, the sky over Croatian Zagorje will be overcrowded with the hot air balloons and  17 teams from whole Europe will participate in the event. Location is airport “Rudolf Peresin” near city of Zabok and another location in Sv. Kriz Zacretje.

Hot air balloon
Croatian hot air balloons


Apart from  exciting sceneries of colorful hot air balloons from all Europe, visitors will be able  to participate on educational walks through the balloons itself where they will be able to learn all about these fantastic crafts, music programs and gastronomic offer of this beautiful Croatian area.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to experience the unique “Flower Celebration” balloon painted by the motifs of the Croatian naive artist Ivan Rabuzin.

Ivan Rabuzin


Ivan Rabuzin Naive


Finally, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a short flight with the largest hot air balloon in the Republic of Croatia – that one of  Papuk Nature Park.

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