What is Dolac Market?

The largest and most popular market in Zagreb is  Dolac Market. Today is one of the main symbols of the Croatian capital. Many citizens in Zagreb are proud to  have its own meat, fish  or fruit vendor. There are many poems written about Dolac Market.  The legendary chronicler of Zagreb, Zvonimir Milčec, wrote once: “Dolac is the most beautiful, most spectacular monument to food lovers in Zagreb. For gourmets, this old market is the same as the Cathedral for the believers. ”

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Dolac Market and History

The author of Dolac Market was the architect Vjekoslav Bastl, famous for designing the building of the Ethnographic Museum. Preparatory works on the hill of Dolac began in 1927, and a year later the first bricks were set. 

The main supporter of the Dolac Market was the Mayor, Vjekoslav Heinzel, but he had to depart because of the  political affair in 1928. He was replaced by Stjepan Srkulj, who continued his town development policy, and as one of the priorities he emphasized the completion of the Dolac Market.

Opening ceremony of a new marketplace was in 1930.

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Kumice – Bread and Water of the Market

At the Dolac Market, you will be able to buy a  fresh and local products. There is a fish market, butcheries, healthy food stands, fresh pasta vendors, bakeries, cheesemongers, flowers, fruit and vegetables. You can also buy Croatian souvenirs.

In the past, but even today, you can still find women who travel from their villages  selling just few simple ingredients as cheese, fresh vegetables, fruits or season flowers. Many years ago  they carried the ingredients in giant baskets on top of their heads. Local name for these ladies was ‘Kumice’.

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There are many historical records about women who came to the city from nearby villages to sell food. The first record describing a female vendor with a basket on top of her head goes back to 1400’s! You should not have a problem to  recognize a real ‘Kumica’ when you visit the market.

One of them is waiting for you on the entrance, at the top of the stairs as you approach the market from Ban’s Jelacic Square. Take some photo with her.

Explore more by yourself!

The main part of the market is situated on an elevated square and there you may find fruit and vegetables. Also you will find a fish market.

The stalls at the northern end of the market are packed with locally produced honey, handmade ornaments and food.

On the lower, street level you will find mainly meat and local dairy products.

Dolac Market is very close to the Main Cathedral and 360 observation desk on the Ban’s Jelacic Square. Visit them when you are there.

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