When someone mentions something about Croatia, the first thing you would probably think of would be a sunny coast and the crystal clear sea. Well, Croatia is more than that. A lot of people consider Croatia beautiful because of its natural diversity.

Besides the sunny coast, there are also sunny golden fields, green hills and rivers, and lakes and they are located in the Continental part of Croatia. But don’t think that a unique landscape is the only advantage of this part of Croatia. Famous medieval castles and fortresses that belonged to famous noble families will take you on a historic journey that you can complement with the amazing offer of world-famous wines and gastronomic delicacies.

Continental Croatia has very well-developed agro tourism, as well as health tourism through numerous health spa such as Varazdin spa, Stubice spa, Krapina spa and Tuhelj spa.


Helicopter Flight Simulator

Try with us one of the best helicopter simulators. Did you know that our simulator can replicate almost all flight conditions? Do not wait and jump in to start flying. It is amazing experience in Croatia.

Hiking and Trekking

In Croatian Zagorje, you can try some of the best hiking and trekking routes in the country. Zagorje offers a range of possibilities for outdoor activities. Zagorje is a little piece of heaven, and any hiking or trekking enthusiast will appreciate the picturesque beauty of the hills of this area. There are plenty of paths suitable for every level of physical fitness. Numerous wine routes and tours of scenic castles, as well as gorgeous hiking trails overlooking the whole of the Zagorje region.

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Panoramic flights with hot air baloon

Looking for an unique way to experience Croatia? Hop in!

Balloon club Zagreb is Croatian  premier balloon operator with over 25 years of ballooning experience. You will be in safe hands with our experienced pilots, as we float over some of the worlds most beautiful sceneries.

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Other Trips