HEP Zagorje Trekk 2019

croatia trekking 2019

What the trekking is and its benefits

Have you ever tried trekking? Do you know what are some of its benefits?

First, we would mention the gratitude towards Mother Nature. Zagorje is so beautiful with its spectacular  landscapes that you just cannot  thank to God enough for creating such a brilliant part of the world that is far away from the city made of boring concrete.

Since Mother Nature is so unpredictable, you have to take all the necessary precautions as to be prepared with extra clothings, make sure you have protections if there is rainfall, protections for your electronic gadgets or similar. However, mental preparation is more important than physical preparation.

You will need to help the  others selflessly no matter what. You are in the mountain or forest alone and all you have is the support of your fellow group members and you are a support to someone else.

croatia trekking 2019

Be connected to nature and yourself! Do you want try trekking in Croatian Zagorje?

croatia trekking 2019

Organization and trails

In the organization of Zagorje Adventure Team, seniors, both men and women will be able to participate in the following trails:

  • Light (8 km) – Trail (no required equipment) primarily intended for recreation
  • Active (16 km) – more demanding race for experienced participants
  • Challenger (28 km) – designed for professionals and semi-professionals

For children born on 2005 or later, 8km race will be organized.  

APPLICATION was possible latest until 3th May 2019, at 4 pm.

croatia trekking 2019


For winners, medals for the first 3 places in all categories will be provided. 500Kn for Winners in the Challenger Category, 250Kn for Winners in Active Category, including various  gifts from organizers and sponsors. Some awards will be also provided to children.

croatia trekking 2019


If you want to see some nice galleries from the previous trails open the link:


croatia trekking 2019

Trail starts on 11th May 2019 in Zabok

On Saturday, 11th May 2019 organizers will distribute numbers to all competitors and T-Shirts in the period from  7-9.30 am at Ksaver Sandor Djalski Square in the city of  Zabok.


Challenger at 11:00

Active at 11:30

Light at 12:00

Trekking fun and party: the tent at Ksaver Sandor Djalski Square

croatia trekking 2019

After party and more

If you want to continue your stay in Zagorje and see something more contact us directly at:


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