Virus jitters! Do your customers have a bad case them?

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Negative media covering the coronavirus exacerbates the problem and can lead to unwarranted panic and fear within the travel industry. I take a look at the other side of the coin and how tour operators can keep a cool head in these challenging times.

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Here’s this week’s roundup:
Comment: Coronavirus – What is The True Impact? – The president and chief executive of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) makes some extremely valid points in this article. Stopping the spread of the coronavirus is, of course, the priority but the travel industry must also work to prevent Chinese and Asian tourists from being stigmatised and alienated.

Coronavirus Crisis Exposes Low-Tech Achilles’ Heel of Tours and Attractions in Asia – Many of Asia’s tour operators are caught in a double whammy: not only are they not receiving any new bookings, they are now inundated with a spike in coronavirus cancellations and refund requests. Does your tour operator business have the technology in place to deal with cancellations or booking amendments? How would you cope with a deluge of last-minute booking changes?


What Will Be the Blowback From China to Countries That Banned Its Travellers During Virus Outbreak? – This article weighs up whether China will hit back post-coronavirus against those countries who have restricted entry of Chinese visitors. Chinese tourists are the world’s biggest spenders and coupled with China’s history of retaliation, it’s no surprise that nerves are high. Personally, I think not enough credit is given to Chinese travellers who will ultimately make up their own minds which destinations they’d like to visit. What’s your thoughts? Do you think a retaliation is warranted or would it be unrealistic and potentially self-harming?

Therefore, I would point out that it may be risky for many now to think and plan a safe journey in a world that is unsafe and unprotected from the spread of the corona virus.
There is still an oasis in my country right now, and hopefully it will remain so. I believe that is one of the important factors when deciding where to spend your vacation! We are here to help!


A statistic I found interesting:

Chinese outbound travel and tourism spending has grown sevenfold in the last ten years, with annual growth of 21.7% and now accounts for 16% of total global tourism spending. (WTTC)

A question for you:

What are your priorities for travel and goals this year?

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    Q    Thanks.  Thank you very much, President.  I’m just wondering what’s the communication with China look like right now.  And does the experience and lessons coming from China will help the U.S. deal 00000F91 ing with the current situation?

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