Botanical Garden Zagreb and History

The need to establish the Botanical Garden Zagreb started in 1876. The first idea came from the  rector of the University, prof.  Spevec. Professor Jiruš, who received the support from Spevec, made many pre-work in 1886. Later he returned to Prague and he was succeeded by prof. Heinz, who in 1889 from the Royal Government was given the task of drawing up a design and arrange this beautiful garden.

botanical garden
Photo by: Plava Zvjezdica

Garden and its foundation

City authorities founded the Botanical Garden Zagreb in 1889. The works started in 1890 when a gardening house was built (today the headquarters house). The garden was  surrounded by a wooden fence that was later replaced by iron type. The first earthworks started in 1891 and the garden was planted in 1892. The botanical garden is built in so-called. a landscape-like style with free groups of trees and trails. Only the floral squares are donein the symmetrical lines. In 1911 a marine aquarium was built, which does not exist today.

Garden and building facilities

Besides the greenhouse, we may mention also other building facitilities as the Botanic Institute building (formerly the Physiological Laboratory), the Old Pavilion (authentic pavilion architecture from 1891), the Botanic Institute and  a public toilet. Moreover, you can see  a building of the City Waterworks, a drinking fountain, a student canopy and a small summer house which was awarded to the garden as  a 100th anniversary gift.

botanic garden pavilion

In 1927 a Croatian herbalist group was established, later called karst. The foundation was made by botanist Ivo Horvat, and native autochthonous species were planted on it from various parts of Croatia. Until 1985, sub-Mediterranean, Mediterranean, Alpine and Western European rocks were built.

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